RCIA stands for The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and is the ordinary way in which non Catholic adults are brought into the Church.
If unbaptized, the person seeking entrace into the Roman Catholic Church is called a Catechumen and is taught the basics of the Chrisitan message as well as the basics of Catholicism. Cathecumens are normally baptized at the Easter Vigil during the night before Easter morning. (We most often baptize by pouring water over the head. We always use the Trinitarian formula.)
If already a baptized Christian, an adult seeking full communion with the Roman Catholic Church is referred to as a Candidate. (The Roman Catholic Church believes that one is only baptized once.) Candidates are given instruction in the doctrines and practises of the Roman Catholic Church and are asked to make a profession of faith at the Easter Vigil.
RCIA includes both groups of seekers and  will begin Tuesday, September 10th, 2013. The first semester will include video presentations and time for discussions. The second semester begins in January 2014 and will feature weekly lectures and discussions.
If you are interested in the Roman Catholic faith, don't feel you have to wait until September. Phone the office at 321.0990 and make an appointment to speak with Father Jim.

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