Safe Environment

Abuse of Minors Pastoral Response Hotline

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 (405) 720-9878

For the safety of children and the healing of victims, the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City provides an Abuse of minors Pastoral Response Hotline for reporting the abuse of a minor (in the past or presently) by a member of the clergy or other church personnel. Calls to this number will be answered by the Archdiocesan Assistance Coordinator who will offer to meet with the caller in person, if the caller so desires. The Assistance Coordinator will also assist you in making a formal complaint to the Archdiocese, arranging a personal meeting with the Archbishop or his representative and in obtaining support and pastoral counseling. Calls are confidential with the following:

**Any allegation of sexual or physical abuse or neglect concerning those who currently
         are minors must be reported to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services
         (800-522-3511) as required by Oklahoma state law and Archdiocesan policy.

**Any allegation of sexual misconduct must be shared with the proper Archdiocesan

**Local law enforcement agencies may also be contacted. 

In addition, there are several things you may do:

**Contact the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (1-800-522-3511).
          Contacting DHS is mandatory if the victim is a minor.

**Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency (for example the local police).

**Contact local child protection agencies, a private attorney and or a support group.

To be safe enviroment certified please contact our coordinator Bill Huntington.


Circle of Grace

Out of concern for all God’s people and in response to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, we have a program for the safe environment education of children and young people supported and mandated by Archbishop Paul S. Coakley, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

Diocese/eparchies will establish ‘safe environment’ programs. They will cooperate with parents, civil authorities, educators, and community organizations to provide education and training for children, youth, parents, ministers, educators, and others about ways to make and maintain a safe environment for children. Dioceses/eparchies will make clear to clergy and members of the community the standards of conduct for clergy and other persons in positions of trust with regard to sexual abuse.
                                                                        Article 12 – Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People
This program is called Circle of Grace. It is meant to supplement and be integrated into the excellent programs and curricula for the formation of children and young people in our schools and religious education programs. Circle of Grace aims to equip our children and young people by arming them with essential knowledge and skills grounded in the richness of our faith. This program helps children and young people to understand their own (and other’s) dignity in mind, body, and spirit.
The Circle of Grace Program will generally be taught during Religious Education Classes in October.
As mandated by the Archdiocese, parents will receive a copy of the curriculum for each of their children at least two weeks in advance. They are asked to review the curriculum prior to the class session being taught. If after review a parent prefers that their child/ren NOT participate in the Circle of Grace lesson, they will be asked to fill out the “Parent Refusal of Safe Environment Curriculum Training for Children” form (provided with the curriculum) to their child’s teacher. Consequently, the child would be excused from class on the day Circle of Grace is taught.
Circle of Grace was presented to K-8th grade Saint Thomas More students on
Sunday October 20, 2013.
It was presented to Confirmation students, retreat-style, on Saturday November 2, 2013.


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